Helen Wheels
Sexo Femenino
Edad 15-16 años
Especie Hibrido Humano-kineceleran
Planeta kinet-tierra
Serie ben 10 fuerza alienigena
Primera aparición unos nuevos plomeros

Helen Wheels is a new plumber.

Helen is the sister of Pierce and the friend of Manny Armstrong. They are two plumbers who have the DNAliens in the spotlight (they called him disintegrator) but sometimes they found to be aliens that had badges of plumber but they were false In new plumbers when looking to put them in the spotlight but confuses ben, Gwen And Kevin with DNAliens and try to capture

vuelve a aparecer en el episodio la guerra de los mundos ayudando a ben y vuelve a aparecer en la venganza de vilgax donde intenta detenerlo pero el rayo de vilgax la alcanza

Reappears in above and beyond trying to stop ben.


Helen Can Be Knocked Out By Vilgax's Energy Blasts Or Alan's Fire Blasts.

Helen Can Be Controlled By Alien X.

Helen Can Be Choked By D'Void.

Helen Can Be Knocked Out By Echo Echo's Sonic Feedback.

Helen Can Be Hit By The Forbidden Power Of Metal Morphosis.

Helen Can Scream When DarkStar Steals Her Life Energy.

Helen Can Be Easily Defeated By DarkStar.

Helen Can End Up Dead In Poison Gas.